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Week 0 - Introduction

Week 1 - Surveying the Landscape

  1. Welcome to the Internet

Week 2 - So, You Have An Idea?

  1. Let’s Get You Some New Ideas
  2. Controlling Your Creativity
  3. Nurturing the Seed

Week 3 - Something Small

  1. The Next Big Thing
  2. Now that that’s done, shall we begin?

Week 4 - Surviving Yourself

  1. First, some lessons to grow on
  2. If you survived, now your product exists but . . .
  3. It all comes down to money

Week 5 - Your Market

  1. A Canticle of Risk
  2. Surviving the culture of “free”
  3. What’s all this talk of utility?

Week 6 - Wish, Rinse and Repeat

  1. Your product hates you
  2. Some final hurdles

Week 7 - Launch Day And Beyond

  1. Finally it’s launch day
  2. Building For The Mainstream
  3. Writing a Pitch